this is me. i’m jessi. the soon-to-be mama of two, happily married girl living in arizona.

my mind is full of many ideas that i will be sharing through out this journey. they range from mamahood to travel to my love of tattoos. friends and family are quite important to me as well. there are many aspects that i love to talk about and learn more every day.

since i was a child i had a passion for all things european. i had always imagined i would travel through europe and spend much of my days in a cafe in paris. who wouldn’t love that?! well, it hasn’t happened, yet, but that’s okay because my husband and i have plans to do so someday. that some day may be in the distance due to our kids’ ages, but no worries. we will make it there. in the meantime, i am learning all i can to make our experience through this life as enjoyable as possible and open our eyes to the many avenues that this huge world has to offer.

so, stay tuned for our little adventure(s). our #2 will be here soon to enjoy the ride with us!

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