Where to begin?!  I’ve been very open about the dislike in regards to the uncertainty in our lives.  But we have a plan and so far its all working out beautifully!  We’re moving back to the east coast in early August. 

This wasn’t what I had hoped or envisioned for our next adventure, but its a necessary step for our family at this time.  My husband is enrolling in the university to finish his bachelor’s degree.  In the meantime, the kids and I are going to get reacquainted with family & friends…and green grass, trees, season changes, walks in the mountains, and all things east coast!
I’m getting excited about our upcoming change.  It’s taken some time for me to realize how important this step is for our family, but I have and its all good.  The next several weeks are going to be busy with my husband’s military retirement, then the big move.  We have been trying to get Brixton, who is 3, to grasp the concept that his entire little world is about to change.  Our sweet little man is doing great.  He’s excited to see his Nanny and Pappy (my parents) and ride Pappy’s tractor. 
Ingrid is so young..  we tell her the same things about moving, yet my worry isn’t bad for her.  She learns to adapt well as long as my husband and I are there.  Also, in her own time and way, she adores her grandparents.

In other news, Brixton turned 3 last week!  We threw a fun Harry Potter themed party.  He flew through our house with his new magic wand (aka his magic stick).  After his party he hosted his first sleepover with our two nephews.  Three boys with magic wands!  Yep, it was a long day.  Haha..

Here are some recent photos of our time lately.







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