Here it is 3 am and I’m awake. Again.  This time it’s not the fault of one of the kids.  My brain won’t quiet down because it’s full of excitement for our busy April ahead.

For a long while I had tried to find my niche.  After having both kids I knew staying home was where I am meant to be.  But I had a small void that needed filled.  I, as most people do, wanted to be self-employed, make my schedule, work on my terms, yet I couldn’t commit to anything.  Finally, I came across Chloe & Isabel.  It sealed the deal for me.  It provided me with everything I was looking for, and after just a few short weeks, I am completely in love with my new business venture.  It’s more exciting than I could’ve imagined. It may seem silly to say, but I’ve had countless sleepless nights since beginning my business. As I totally love what I’m doing, I find myself planning, strategizing, and anticipating my next move…in the middle of the night.  I believe it’s due my dedication to my kids, yet I could be crazy.  Maybe sleeping isn’t in the cards for me..ever.  (I sure hope I’m wrong about that!) Regardless, I’ve found my place.  I’m among a community of amazing people who inspire me daily.

My kids have always been my priority and it’s great that I can be home with them, available to them, and still build my career.  Love it!!!

…And if it weren’t for the stellar support of family and friends I couldn’t do it. So, once again, thank you to everyone!  I’m truly grateful for all of you!

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