One day I sat in the rain. I allowed every drop to absorb into my skin as if I’d never been struck before. I have. You speared my heart the moment you won the battle. You fought endlessly to gain my trust. At the breath of my defeat, you stole the light of my soul.

Never again will I be the same. With each crushing moment you toyed with me. You took me on a journey of self-destruction in which I can not recognize myself.

The words spoken to soften my hard skin tore into my mind. Promises made without conviction. You never ceased to amaze me. I thought you were the one. My one. The single being who would shield me from the storm. Instead you tossed me to the lightning as though you had completed the task.

Days and nights left cold and drained, I’m learning to love myself again. I can see the beauty of the world through the eyes of my childlike self. There are whispers of hope in each breaking sunrise. You no longer affect me. The grasp you once had has weakened in strength because my worth is more than you can bear.

Stronger now than I’ve ever been, I no longer hide behind the shadow of who I once was.

I am me.

I am free.

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