One day she discovers that her life is about to change forever. She walks, talks, and breathes with a gleam in her eyes.

The day her bundle arrives, she looks into the face of the tiny human she’s created, to be overwhelmed with a love that she’s never felt before.

Her nights turn into days with little rest or food, yet she takes it all in. With every spare moment she stares at the little hands wrapped around her finger, the cuddles and coos that make her heart melt.

Years pass as she’s reveled in the mesmerizing depth of her existence. Not only did she create life, she’s met the most beautiful soul that God has brought into her world.

Imperfectly stunning, amazing and sweet, her children gave her something no one else could do.. they made her a mom.

She wears a badge of courage, of unconditional love, and of shear strength. She spends the remainder of her days watching over her little ones as they grow into what God intended them to be.

She is their mother, their biggest fan.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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