A crisp breeze floats through my window as dew is still fresh on blades of grass outside.

I watch your chest rise and fall, eyes closed ever so peacefully.

Gently gliding my hand across your arm, you don’t realize the treasure that you are.

Black satin fabric wrestles in the wind as I see the sun crest over the tree tops.

I feel the future.  Peaceful and strong, fulfilling and free.

You will never know of my darkness for I have carefully placed it inside a glass box.

I wish to exude light.  To show you the world is a gloriously beautiful place.

Let me save you, as you have saved me.

Come to me.  Follow me through the days and nights.

Let us be whole again.  Let us be so full of love that no harm can be done.

We will shower the world with encouragement, one gracious heart at a time.

With you beside me, we will conquer our fears and save the night.

Come to me, my dear.

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