At the time, I thought I was satisfied. I thought I had had enough of your brilliance to fulfill my thirst. I was ready to move on.

Here I sit, months later, thinking of your beauty and reminiscing of the fairytale that surrounds you. How I miss your essence and grace.

I long to see your happiness strolling quaint streets, engulfed in your creativity.

The way you embraced me at the top of your highest tower, standing among white, luminous clouds. I gasped as I stepped closer to your edge of reason; afraid to soar.

You were an experience of a lifetime. One I’ll never forget. Some may think that I was dissatisfied with your reality, yet I was taken aback. I was overwhelmed, immersed in a whirlwind romance; one that had left strings around my heart.

Paris, my darling. For those that don’t understand your glory, I pity them. You’re a city of wonder and beauty, of history and tall tales, of lust and tears.

One day I will return. One day I will bask in your warmth again. For my days with you were bittersweet, yet I dearly miss the nostalgia.

Until we reconnect, I pray that your city strength remains tall, for your passion is what lives in my heart.

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