When seeking wisdom to travel through life’s bumpy road, one tends to create scenarios of confusion, rather than clarity.

To become what we are afraid to see ourselves as is often a challenge far bigger than we can comprehend.

To be what we most fear, to be the icon – the beacon – the trailblazer in fancy cloak, we must burn the impression of acceptance and expectation.

The words of your mind wreck havoc on the teachings of your heart. Choose wisely to the one that loves you most.

When looking to the heavens for wisdom, we often shut the door before words can be spoken. Listen carefully for patience is a virtue when seeking life’s greatest lessons.

Seek now and forever hold your peace. No stronger vibration has been felt than that of a grateful heart.

For the love of a child is made of gold; pure, unscathed and unfathomable to the naked eye.

When words escape you, turn inward. The knowledge you seek is within your soul.

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