Specialist of Lonely Leaders Syndrome

Hi!  I’m Jessi; a coach, writer, entrepreneur, wife and mom.  I began writing publicly in 2013 after my second child was born with Down Syndrome.  The passion to write has always been within me and it was time to let my voice be heard.

Through the years, I have written from different angles, spoken in different styles.  I write poetry, short stories, fiction & non fiction.  There isn’t one style that I love more than the next.

A few years ago I began a new journey; one of self discovery and reflection.  I wanted to document this part of my life so that I could help others.  Since doing so, I have been published in Thrive Global, been trained as a coach and NLP practitioner, and created the Relationship Evolution: Relationship Specialist for High Profile Leaders and Specialist of Lonely Leaders Syndrome.

Follow along this journey with me; the adventures continue!